First Friday Gallery Cruise; June 7

We're getting ready for our 'Gallery Cruise' again here on the island. This is the second month of the 'Indigo; Blues and the Abstract Truth' Group Show and I have to say that it's been a real privilege to show such outstanding work from so many great artists, on and off-island. 

The recent paintings of Carole Meriam depict crows and ravens in various activities. The way she captures these fascinating birds, so well known to all of us and yet so mysterious, has sparked many conversations among the visitors to the shop.

Gretchen Hancock is another favorite of both island and off-island visitors. Her precise and spare brushwork is an inspiration to me - how she manages to capture so much information in a few strokes is masterful. 

The jewelry of Sandrhyme, by Danielle Carbone is so unique and I was thrilled when she brought this special group in to coordinate with the theme of the show.

Our 'Little Shirley' bud vases continue to bring people in to the shop, especially when they're looking for gifts or are setting a table for a special occasion. For those who don't yet know the story - they are made by Seattle's own Lauren Burman of Material Good. Inspired by her Grandmother's courageous fight with cancer, she created these vases as a way of giving back and continues to build her business with a heartfelt focus on philanthropy.